Architectural Detail is about preservation first and foremost.  Restoration comes second.  As a last resort, we support re-use and recycling. 

          We work for the preservation of pre-1970s homes and specialize in hardware and plumbing.    

         Know that WE LOATHE CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION AND AN "I NEED TO BE PLEASED - AND I NEED IT NOW" ATTITUDE.  This is not Macy's nor Home Depot.  We are here to preserve and/or restore your home.  It is very important to us that projects are done right which means that to work together you will have to trust us.  This is our expertise after all.  Skip is a purist with over 50 years of experience in preservation and restoration of homes in the Southern California region so trust that you are in excellent hands. 

Here is some pertinent information about our business.

  • We worship restoration and preservation.
  • IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US THAT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEED.  Ambiguity is not helpful here. 
  • Our warehouse inventory is vast and is not conducive to browsing.  
  • We delight in working with people who also have a passion for preservation.
  • Lastly, we encourage environmental consciousness as well – “restore rather than replace”.